• …Uniqueness is Guaranteed

    Every Petnoya pet-related gift is designed by experts and inspired by you

  • …We Build to Last

    My human team uses only the toughest materials to ensure quality that’ll stand the test of time.

  • …Everything is Made by Paw…

    …Well, you know, I would if I could. But I’ll let my team’s human hands sketch, stroke, and stitch
    your keepsake to perfection.

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  • Hand-Popped for Flawless Detail

    No mass manufacturing on this side of the doghouse. Everything is hand-popped by paw (well,
    hand) to express every nuance of your pet’s personality. No mass-manufacturing. No nonsense!

  • Made from Vegan Leather

    Petnoya creates cruelty-free 3D pet pop art using the finest tanned vegan leather. Like real leather,
    it gets more rugged with age. Unlike real leather, no animals are harmed in the process!

  • Crafted Especially for Pet Owners!

    …Finding unique gifts for pet owners can feel like chasing your own tail. But with Petnoya, it’s
    never been easier to give the gift that keeps on giving – Fido freeze-framed in time forever!

Why Petnoya?

That’s why I love Petnoya, the #1 online destination for unique gifts for pet owners. We’ll pop your
pet’s portrait onto a leather keychain, mirror charm, handbag, and more. The result is a 3D pop-out
masterpiece that freeze-frames your pet’s character forever. The only question is, why haven’t you
ordered yours yet?


    Snap a pic of your dog, cat, chameleon – any pet goes – or upload your favorite!


    Send your pet’s snapshot our way, so we can work our magic.


    Let your tail wag freely and your tongue hang out – the most unique gift for pet owners you’ll ever
    encounter will be shipped your way in no time!

Meet Our Founder, Uni

Hi there! Uni’s the name, and unique gifts for pet owners is my game. Petnoya is my first startup
business, which I built from the ground up to give families something a little more special than
those overdone, awkward pet portraits on mugs and keyrings.
I wanted to do something different, so I asked my humans for a helping paw to bring Petnoya to
life. Today, we create 3D pet pop art that amplifies your pet’s cartoonish features and preserves
them forever and a day. All pets are welcome – even you, cats.

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