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Creative Pet and Owner Digital Painting (Digital files)

Creative Pet and Owner Digital Painting (Digital files)

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Hey there, pet pals! Are you ready to be *meow-mazed*? Introducing our Creative Pet and Owner Digital Painting – the ultimate display of your fur-bulous friendship, captured in a whimsical and *paw-sonalized* digital masterpiece!

Here's what makes our digital paintings a *scratch-tacular* choice for you:

- 🐱 **Whisker-Licking Good Artwork**: Each stroke is meticulously crafted to bring out the larger-than-life personality of your furry overlord and their loving human.
- 🌿 **Eco-Pawsitive Impact**: Delivered digitally to keep our pawprint on the planet as light as a cat's whisker – no paper, no waste, just purr-fection.
- 👩‍🎨 **Handcrafted with Love and Treats**: Our artists put their heart, soul, and a sprinkle of kibble into creating a *tail-tastic* tribute to your bond.
- 🤳 **Purr-sonalized Just for You**: Whether you're the laid-back type or the life of the paw-ty, we'll capture the essence of your unique connection.
- 🖼️ **Fur-ever Memories**: No fading or fraying here – your digital file stays *paw-some* for a lifetime of viewing pleasure.
- 🌈 **Customizable Colors**: Choose the background that best reflects your pet's *cat-titude* or your own style.

Want to make it even more special? Just let us know if you'd like to include any specific details like your pet's favorite toy or your shared love for adventure!

And remember, if you have more than one fur baby or want to rush your order, just trot on over to add an [Extra Pet / Rush order for customization] – because sometimes, more is merrier!

Get ready to hang up the leash and cuddle up with a digital painting that's as unique as your paw-some pal! 🖌️✨

Ready to unleash the magic? Let's fetch this artwork into your life!

Care Instructions

When asked about proper vegetable-tanned leather care, we feel it is important to consider some points and steps. This is the step to understanding how to then provide care and maintenance.

The occasional mark or stain is inevitable. Finally, make sure you're keeping your leather items in a safe space.

  • Choose a cool, dry location without direct sunlight or humidity.
  • If you have a dirty veg tanned leather item use a dry, soft-bristled brush to remove loose debris from the surface of the leather.
  • Use a lightly dampened rag with distilled bottled water or select a good leather cleaner to clean and remove surface dirt. Complete wipe down moving quickly and evenly. Allow the item to dry naturally for 20 minutes.

Remember, always test a small, hidden area or section and proceed slowly.

PREVENTATIVE CARE: • Avoid moisture and humidity, especially in your first few months of ownership. Vegetable-tanned leather is prone to water retention at the beginning, which can cause swelling and damage. Let it age and gain some natural oil buildup before exposing it to water. Getting caught in the rain occasionally won't harm your leather bag, but regular encounters shouldn't happen. • Keep your leather goods away from heat. Excessive amounts can dry out the leather. A bit of sunlight is okay and may actually give your leather a nicer color, but items that blast heat like blow dryers and radiators should be avoided.

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In Petnoya, no two piece are the same, hand-made and hand-crafted just for your pet!

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